Mari Wahl, owner of Sewing Up Interior Styling, is an interior consultant, decorator and stylist with more than 50 years’ experience.  She specialises in turnkey solutions for the hospitality industry such as hotels, game farms and guest houses without losing her touch for commercial offices or residential homes.  She knows it all and most importantly does it all on time and within budget. Sewing Up Interior Styling is based in Parys, Free State, but also operates in the surrounding areas including Potchefstroom, Vereeniging and Winburg, etc.
Mari Wahl’s fascination began as a young child gazing at her grandmother’s accessories, drapes and handmade dresses.  How can one not fall in love with design and textiles when surrounded by such a fascinating woman?
Mari’s inspiration stems from various elements found in nature such as fauna, flora and mountains. True nature cannot be copied but she believes its qualities can definitely be brought into the home. “Your mountains in life has made you who you are and every now and again we can take the scenic features and triumphs into our homes”.
Influenced by different movements such as shabby chic, rustic and vintage, Mari still knows how to keep things sleek and modern or old school. She has got experience and her knowledge covers it all. Structurally she is inspired by architecture (early 1940’s – 1955 architectural movements) and also French orientated design in particular French country style.
Mari Wahl has the experience, but she wants to hear your side of your story. Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation

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